6 Amazing Non-Disney Movies That Have Disney Connections

Posted 2020/08/06 1 0

Little Shop Of Horrors

In 1986, we got the movie version of the stage musical based on the 1960 Roger Corman movie of the same name, Little Shop of Horrors. Needless to say, making a musical about an alien plant that eats people was a strange choice, but then Howard Ashman, who wrote the musical, was a bit of a strange, yet brilliant, man. He was so brilliant that Disney wanted to bring him in to work with the studio on films. Ashman would, in turn, bring in his musical partner on Little Shop, Alan Menken, and the two would start work on The Little Mermaid. Ashman and Menken would continue to work for Disney on Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin. The pair are largely responsible for the entire existence of the Disney Rennaissance. Alan Menken still works with Disney to this day, and recently achieved the coveted EGOT, with every award coming from a Disney project.

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