Alita: Battle Angel Fans Want A Marvel Favorite To Star In The Sequel

Posted 2020/08/07 3 0

If Alita: Battle Angel gets its sequel, Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron already have their pitch process, and the world of Alita, down to a science. With volumes worth of story left to tell, and key players like Rosa Salazar, Edward Norton and Michelle Rodriguez ready to return to tell those further chapters, all that needs to happen is for an official greenlight to be issued by whatever party is given the authority. Since the ball’s already in Disney’s court, they may want to consider using Dania Gurira’s position in the Marvel Studios family as a good incentive to casting her as the Crimson Wind in Alita: Fallen Angel. Which, in practice, would be satisfying two wishes of the fandom, as that’d mean we’d be getting a sequel in the first place. But it’s best to take these sorts of things one step at a time.

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