Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk: 10 Mind-Blowing Behind-The-Scenes Facts

Posted 2020/08/11 1 0

Steven Spielberg Helped Christopher Nolan Fine-Tune His Vision For The WWII Epic

When preparing Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan reached out to a filmmaker responsible for one of the most consequential military dramas of all time — Steven Spielberg. To better prepare for some of the large scale battle sequences featured in his own movie, Nolan told Variety that he asked Spielberg for a print of Saving Private Ryan, and he received one that had only been played a total of 12 times. 

In addition to the pristine print of the film, Spielberg also gave some advice to Nolan by telling him to put the research first and foremost to best tell the story of what happened on that beach. Only after watching the print did Nolan realize exactly how he wanted to convey tension and tell the story in his own way.

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