David Arquette Calls Spree Taxi Driver For The Instagram Age

Posted 2020/08/18 1 0

Warning: spoilers for Spree are in play. If you haven’t seen the film yet, and want to remain unspoiled, turn back now and return once you’ve enjoyed the madness for yourself.

In an era of decadence, mistrust, and immorality, a lone driver snaps and takes it upon himself to teach the world a lesson. Before too long, the world will remember the name and deeds of Kurt Kunkle and the killing spree that are both at the heart of writer/director Eugene Kotyarenko’s indie thriller Spree. Though you wouldn’t be faulted for thinking my opening invoked the memory of an obvious influence on the film’s story, director Martin Scorsese’s vigilante classic Taxi Driver. In fact, not only did Kotyarenko admit as much, but upon recalling his own story of hearing the director’s intentions, co-star David Arquette also believes in that assessment.

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