Jamie Lee Curtis Says Shooting One Halloween Scene Was One Of The Most ‘Moving Moments’ Of Her Career

Posted 2020/05/17 0

It’s easy to understand why that would have been such a huge moment for Jamie Lee Curtis. Prior to 2018, Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in two morefilms for the series — Halloween II, in which Laurie famously learns that she is Michael Myers’ sister, and Halloween H20, in which an adult Laurie has to face her brother yet again in order to protect her son. 2018’s Halloween ignored most of the sequels and saw Laurie Strode grown up, but isolated and still dealing with the trauma she endured as a teenager. The whole film is about facing her fears and protecting her family — and while it’s still obviously traumatic for Laurie, it also empowers her, and reminds her that she is a survivor.

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