Jurassic Park: 7 Differences Between The Book And The Movie

Posted 2020/08/08 2 0

Henry Wu’s Involvement Is Cut Down To One Scene In The Movie

If you saw Jurassic World in 2015 and were confused why BD Wong’s character was treated with such gravitas when all he had was one short scene in Jurassic Park, that’s because Henry Wu was a major part of the novel, a part that was trimmed greatly for the 1993 adaptation. It’s easy to see why his character got the short end of the stick considering that most of Wu’s contributions to the plot are found in flashback conversations with John Hammond. 

In the novel, it is Wu who comes up with the idea of using DNA from amphibians to help fill in the genetic code of the cloned dinosaurs, as well as the person responsible for adding the safety measure of making all the dinosaurs female.

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