Midnight Sun: 10 Things We Learned From Edward’s Perspective Of Twilight

Posted 2020/08/14 4 0

Bella Is A Lot More Like Charlie Than We Thought

Another charming detail Midnight Sun dazzles us with is additional insight into Bella’s connections to her somewhat estranged father, Charlie. Early on, when Edward first enters Charlie’s mind when he first sees him at the hospital, we curiously learn that he can’t really completely read his mind as easily as everyone else. He can only sense the tone in his thoughts, not specific words.

 This is super interesting because it means Bella kind of inherited her shield abilities. At the end of Midnight Sun, we also find connections between Bella and Charlie when Edward is reading Renee’s mind at the hospital. Amidst her worry for Bella to stay in Forks, she compares her daughter’s infatuation with Edward as “too much like Charlie.” Sounds like her ex was one to take up roots too soon and Renee was the free bird.

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