The Batman Writer Reveals The Pressure Of Bringing The Iconic Character To Life On The Big Screen… Again

Posted 2020/08/14 1 0

Ahead of the release of his new Netflix movie this weekend, Mattson Tomlin talked about how working on something like Project Power is like inviting audiences to a new party, with a brand new world to play around in. Whereas tackling a project like The Batman is akin to holding a new party in a place where so many know the ins and outs. It also helps put the pressure on someone like Tomlin when, in the case of his script work on Matt Reeves’ big entry into the DC Comics universe, you happen to be a fan of the character you’re working on. Matt Tomlin told Discussing Film almost “nobody” else has been in the position to work on both a high-profile and and more independent superhero-type movies before noting,

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