The Suicide Squad Trailer And 7 Other Things We Hope Are Revealed At DC FanDome

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The Flash Announcing New Characters

Ironically, The Flash has been moving rather slowly through the development process, with various writers and directors having come and gone from the Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie. Right now, it seems like The Flash is on firm footing again, with IT’s Andy Muschietti coming aboard to write and direct an adaptation of the Flashpoint storyline. However, this will be much a much different Flashpoint than the one that unfolded in the comics, as evidenced by Michael Keaton’s Batman being lined up to return rather than Thomas Wayne being the Dark Knight in this reality. 

It’d be nice to learn some of the other characters who will appear in The Flash to get a better idea of what to expect from this story, be it longtime Flash mainstays like Iris West and Reverse-Flash, or some other outside-the-box picks.

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