Toni Kukoc And 3 Other People I Wish The Last Dance Would Have Given More Time To

Posted 2020/05/19 0

Let me get this out of the way before I start here. The Last Dance was absolutely, positively incredible. I’m not sure I have ever enjoyed a documentary more. It was appointment viewing in my household, and after each episode, I would immediately get on Twitter and review what other people had to say. Putting this together took years of director Jason Hehir’s life, and everyone who worked on this masterpiece should be incredibly proud. So, huge thumbs up all around to the filmmakers, ESPN and Netflix.

That being said, I wish there were more episodes (though we are getting a talking head special) because there are a few players and personalities around the team I wish would have gotten a little more shine. I grew up in Chicago during this incredible run and watched all of these games. It’s hard to explain how much it captivated the city and how larger than life even many of these side characters were, even those who weren’t actually part of the team.

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