Trump Hijacks Independence Day Speech in ID4 Viral Video, Bill Pullman Responds

Posted 2020/05/17 0

President Donald Trump retweeted an Independence Day video where he plays the part of Bill Pullman’s President Thomas J. Whitmore character. Pullman has responded to the video and he’s not really too happy about it. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Jr., Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are also featured in the video, which finds Trump making the iconic presidential speech from the 1996 blockbuster. As of this writing, the video has been liked over 230,000 times with nearly 100,000 retweets.

Actor Bill Pullman, who played President Thomas J. Whitmore in Independence Day, saw the clip and released a statement about it. “My voice belongs to no one but me, and I’m not running for president – this year,” said Pullman. Many are questioning as to why the video was made in the first place and why Donald Trump felt the need to share it to all of his followers. Regardless, it’s here and it has since gone viral, receiving all kinds of responses from all over the map. The video is not a DeepFake. Instead the creators just superimposed Trump’s head on the body of Bill Pullman.

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A DeepFake video would have at least looked a lot better, but the Independence Day video that Donald Trump shared is entertaining because of how bad it looks. It’s similar to a lot of the videos that the Trump campaign has shared over the past several months that place the president in Hollywood movies. A few weeks ago, the campaign made a video where Trump is the Jedi Master Yoda in Revenge of the Sith. He is seen taking out the mainstream media, who are often the targets of his rants.

Trump also became Thanos from Avengers: Endgame, which got a major reaction on social media from just about everybody. Trump is shown snapping away his opponents, but many have pointed out that Thanos is the villain in the video and that he dies at the end of the movie. For someone who claims to hate Hollywood as much as he does, Trump loves sharing videos of himself in big Hollywood movies on social media. His followers also get a big kick out of it too.

Where will Donald Trump end up next? That’s uncertain, but one can imagine that a new video is already being made in an effort to help Trump’s chances in the 2020 election. President Barack Obama provided the graduating class of 2020 with a virtual commencement speech over the weekend, which was watched by broadcast by Fox News, CNN, NBC, and more. Millions tuned in to see what the former president had to say about the future. Instead of commenting on the commencement speech, Trump shared his Independence Day video. Bill Pullman’s response to the viral video comes to us from The Hollywood Reporter. You can check out the Independence Day video below.

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