Why Scoob! Had To Use Historic Warner Audio That No One Heard In 50 Years

Posted 2020/05/16 0

I’m really happy that that you liked it. We did have to come up with some kind of a montage — the ‘growing up’ montage, right? And so we just kicked around a whole bunch of different ideas, but then it was like, ‘What’s wrong with that opening? That opening is so iconic. Everyone loves it. It would be such a great way to see the 3D version of some of those classic villains.’ Actually we did it very late in the process. We were like, ‘Can we even do this? We have to create a million sets that aren’t anywhere else in the movie!’ But then we’re like, ‘Let’s be as faithful to it as … let’s just recreate it and be as faithful as we can.’ So luckily that animation is kind of limited, so we’re like, ‘Go with it!’ You know, that deep sea diving ghost, Captain Cutler, is not going to move very much, but that’s okay. You wouldn’t want to make a movie with that spooky space kook [character], but he holds up for one shot, as long as that shot is like half a second.

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