Why Twilight’s Stephenie Meyer Couldn’t Make More Changes To The Story With Midnight Sun

Posted 2020/08/06 1 0

When I was writing Twilight, things felt right. But then I realized [Edward] absolutely would have told [Bella] he loved her sooner. There’s no way he wouldn’t have. There were certain points where I’m like, ‘Yes, he would have said it right here.’ And I can’t change that. And that’s very frustrating. He definitely would have after he saved her in Port Angeles. He addresses that mentally where he is kind of surprised, as he thinks over their conversation when he’s talking to her again, that he didn’t say it. He’s like, ‘Oh, is she not aware?’ But still, I feel like if I had the freedom to rework it instead of just telling his side, there would have been some fun changes.

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